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Catholics Protest Church's Support For Minnesota's Proposed Gay Marriage Ban

Catholics Protest Church’s Support For Minnesota’s Proposed Gay Marriage Ban

By Carlos Santoscoy
Published: March 12, 2012

About 100 people on Sunday gathered outside the Cathedral of St. Paul to protest the archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis’s support for a proposed constitutional amendment which would define marriage as a heterosexual union, the St. Paul Pioneer Press reported.

The weekly protest, now in its third week, is organized by the group Catholics for Marriage Equality MN.

Archbishop John C. Nienstedt has strongly supported the move to ban gay marriage in the state. In January, he was criticized for ordering priests to support the amendment or remain silent. The Minnesota Catholic Conference, the Archdiocese’s lobbying wing, is a member of the Minnesota for Marriage Coalition, the largest group lobbying for the amendment’s passage.

“It’s an attempt by Catholic people to stand up and say no to the priority the archbishop has set in spending last fiscal year, 2011, $650,000 of diocese’s money to promote passage in November of the marriage amendment,” Ed Flahavan, a former priest, told the paper. “It comes at a time when social agencies, including Catholic Charities, are hurting for adequate resources to feed the hungry and give shelter to the homeless.”

"Your love for me takes the edge off being treated like a second-class citizen."

"Your love for me takes the edge off being treated like a second-class citizen."

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